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Hello World

My name is Paul Michael Smith, I’m a thirty-something front-end developer from Manchester, UK. I’ve been designing and developing websites since I was 13 years old, long before broadband and the smart phone.

I class myself as a craftsman. I don’t want to merely do my job and go home. I enjoy learning which is why I try to refine and improve my work as any good artisan or craftsman has done through the ages. You can read more about me on this blog.

I’m currently rebuilding so I thought I’d document the process. For the moment, I’m using Octopress a Jekyll powered framework for generating static blog posts that are pushed to my server via rsync. I’m using a static site generator because I don’t have to worry about anybody trying to find vulnerabilities in a dynamic blogging platform such as Wordpress or ExpressionEngine.

Generally this won’t be a place where I post pictures of dogs or cats. (no matter how cute the one’s in my life are). Here I will be posting my thoughts, code-snippets, useful links and anything I think is note-worthy or useful in relation to front-end development and digital design.

This is a live re-build so expect some quirks now and then. I’ll be adding in comments to the blog posts at some point and I’ll put my own stamp on this default Octopress theme. For now, thanks for stopping by.